Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Greyest Area

No introduction needed. I'm just finna go straight into this one.

iFeel like I'm trapped in the greyest area. Allow me to explain: the grey area is the precise median between blacc and white. These are literal representations of the colors. However, in this dissertation they are just examples. To resume in what iWas saying, iAm trapped in the greyest area, stucc in the exact middle of every opinion. Much like the Yin-Yang of Taoism, it's almost a perfect balance of everything that can be said of me. In a way this view is grey itself, in that it is between being a good thing, and being a bad thing. All that is in opposition compares me to it's counterpart. Let me begin on where my greyness emerges:

The bad people see me as a good boy, but the good people see me as a negative influence.
Those weaker than me see me as an image of strength, but those stronger ones see me as frail.
Those negative people say I'm too optimistic, but those optimists see an antagonist.
Most rebels would say I'm too assimilated, but those conformists would call me an Anarchist.
A lot of unintelligent people would say I'm brilliant, but most geniuses claim that I'm average.
Most neglected people would call me handsome, but those adored one say I'm "less than perfect."
Most niggas would call me an Oreo, but a lot of white kids would say I'm ghetto.
Most outcasts would say I'm too admired, but those that set the standards would claim that I'm lame.
Level-headed people say I'm too quicc to anger, but hot heads say iDon't respond quicc enough.
Gangstas see me as one who can't hold his own, but HPD sees me as another statistic.
Those that don't know me assume they do, and those that do act like I'm not the same nigga anymore.
You might think that iDon't fit in anywhere, but iKnow iCan blend in everywhere.
Some people think I'm unimpressive, but someone out there thinks I'm awesome. (haha)

They may say I'm not royal at all, but iSay I'm The King Of H34rts, and iStand by that
Because to be the king of something so misunderstood, you have to take in the full benefit of what it has to offer, and all the pain that comes with it.

Fear exists as a lacc of Courage. Hate exists as a lacc of Love. Selfishness exists as a lacc of Empathy.
If you don't have the COURAGE to LOVE, then you can show no EMPATHY.
If you don't FEAR the pain of HATE, you can become SELFISH.
However, reality brings me bacc to square 1; the fact that my strength is my weakness, and my weakness is my strength puts me bacc into....
The Greyest Area

- River D. aka The King Of H34rts
8/29/2011 12:23 am

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mexican For President

This was really a status update, a spin off of J. Cole's "Bun B For President," but iJust decided to run with it, so iGuess if you don't know the song, go checc it out, cuz J. Cole is a beast with it, or just view this as another Deep Thought Poem (DTP haha). Here we go:

You know my Residence. Dirty South Confederate
Next election, man, we need a Mexican for President
They represent them hard workers
More than construction, the kitchen staff, or the yard workers
And iAin't sayin' it's their turn cuz we had a chance
No disrespect to Obama, but we need a 'change' of plans
I'm just sayin', cuz his whole term, they been tryin' to find out
Why a blacc man is givin' orders at the white house
No, it  ain't finna get no better with a Hispanic man
But this nation's full of racist that love to panic, man
The only difference is fixin' problems and plannin' order
Instead of holdin' the title and just demandin' orders
Havin' supporters to carry out all your plans to be
Nothin' but people that look out for you like family
Let's pass the torch to somebody that's finna light a lantern
Set an example for other people to keep the pattern
See, while everybody else talkkin' down on their brother
Everyone that's speakin' Spanish lookin' out for one another
We need to learn from example, people, we gotta try
iKnow Hispanics that look out for me, man, iAin't gon lie
You say su casa es mi casa, so iGotcha patna
Mi amigo es mi hermano, so iGotsta watch ya
Now just imagine if we did this on a global basis
Everybody workin together, no such thing as racist
Revolutionary? Nah, this just that Rebel Music
That 'Tell the truth and' 'Keepin' it real on the level' music

This probably shouldn't be spoken, kids, but iSpeak my mind and I'm postin it
Grab the beat and just boast a bit, start coastin' it like I'm ghostin' it
Til I'm close to rich. Then get far from it
Better keep me in the house, like Comet
So nasty from the mouth, like vomit
But iDigress, get bacc to the press
(Do we need a Mexican for President?) Yes.
And that's my statement. Educated guess
Nominate one, then delegate the rest
Then call me up, ask me what's next?
And that's just how iWould handle it
But it don't matter, cuz I'm an Anarchist

8/17/2011 10:03 pm

Don't Judge A Book

Salutations, ladies and gentlemen. What's craccin'? River D aka Southbankston Hughes comin at you with another blog from the deep mind that is The River at it's source. Now, some of you may want to subconsciously finish the title by adding "by it's cover." However, iMean to say that you shouldn't judge a book. Rather, you shouldn't come to a final conclusion on anything. 2 previous experiences brought me to this way of thought. One satirical episode of the Simpsons in which Sideshow Bob (Kelsey Grammar aka Frasier) actually switched faces with another man in order to pull off another failed attempt to kill Bart. Bart had a suspicion the entire time that the man behind the friendly face was the same person who tried to kill him many times before, however the face and slight shift in demeanor had everyone else fooled for a while, until the man with Bob's face showed up and revealed everything. Another, more serious encounter with a biblical discussion very recently made me realize something I've been recycling from repetition for some time now: No matter how many times you read The Bible, 2 things will always happen. The first is that you will always learn something new, and the second is that, even though you may not understand it at first, you will study it so you will. In conclusion, what iMean to say is that you should never judge a book, person, group, or anything at all, simply because you will never understand it all from the jump. Even then, there will always be something new to learn about them, so you will never come to know and understand it all, so why even judge? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, granted. We can all chalk that one up to human nature. However, to rule something as ultimately good or bad is a decision that is not within human grasp. Everything changes, and nothing is promised. If you are reading this and have any doubts about yourself, you looks, your intelligence, your talents, your abilities, or your life in general, cast then all into the wind immediately, along with whoever or whatever put those doubts into your head. We are all peasants to someone; we are all royalty to some one. Most importantly, we are all created equal. Shouldn't we all be treated as such?

 - River D

The Soul: A Poem

As iLook around and see many different faces
Many different stories from many different places
Realising that no 2 are the same, but thats a given
It's what's inside and how we live that makes us different
Marvin Gaye told me "music is the soul of the man"
That's why down south, we play it as loud as we can
That's the soul screaming,"I want to be heard!"
Cuz life without expression is surely absurd
Freedom of speech is a product of self
To want to hear others, or even speak to yourself
Drums and guitars are important, but man,
iPlay with my soul when iRocc with the band
Go to the museum and surely you'll find
The silent of souls that speak to the mind
Da Vinci inspired a lot of us artists
But self-inspiration is how it gets started
It never ceases to give my soul the blues
When iRead of Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes
The Stevie Ray's and the B. B. King's
Hearing their plight insires me in all things
But iCan't stand when iHear what's ruining the young intellect
Stupifying the youth and having them show no respect
Hip-hop ain't dead, it's just been replaced by a new genre
Sex, drugs, and murder are the staples of the mantras
iRefuse to respond to the ingorance they spit out
And if iSneeze, thts just my soul tryin to get out (hahaha)
No cold, I'm just cold, and my soul is to be expressed
And we should all use the gifts with which we've been blessed
Most people think their way of life defines the soul
Like the way to salvation is paved with gold
Despite if we need it, just ask yourself, people,
Will you trade your soul for the root of all evil?